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Congratulations Jenny Peng, who won third place in the District 21 Evaluation Contest!

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Pro Edge Celebrates our Tenth Year Anniversary!

It’s been a wonderful journey.  Watch for a 3-minute video trip down Pro Edge Memory Lane to be posted here.

Pro Edge Alumni 3

Pro Edge Alumni 2

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 Pro Edge Current Members and Alumni Celebrating Together

Pro Edge March 14 2018pro edge Christmas Party_DSC5694

Invitation to attend a special Professional Edge event on October 18 2017. This is a great opportunity to see an advanced club in action,  learn how to ramp up your humour in a unique interactive workshop, and experience the potential of the Pro Edge  brand of motivation.  

In fact, join us at any of our regular meetings, to see for yourself what this diverse, high-achieving and warm-hearted group of Professional Edge Toastmasters has to offer you…besides the coffee and yummy treats! 

We have World Champion Speakers, more DTM’s than other Clubs, Successful Trainers and Corporate Speakers, Authors and  Strong Leadership to provide great Mentoring, and the new incoming District 21 Director Alan Warburton, what more could you ask for??

As a special incentive, your guest will be provided with one month free membership if they join on May 11th, what a bargain!!!

Div F:W Make-Up Club Officer Training August 28 2015Division F Judges Training September 12, 2015D21_Fall_Conf_2015_Banner_v3AREA 61 NEWS FLASH August 11, 2015
ProEdge ToastCrumbs June 10, 2015

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A CULTURAL MOSAIC…D21 Spring Conference in Victoria
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Professional Edge Meeting April 8  2015 TOAST CRUMBS!


Professional Edge Meeting February 11 2015 TOAST CRUMBS!

Sharply dressed with a fine articulate manner, our reliable Sergeant at Arms, Ken Cowie, opens the the meeting with KIND WORDS suggesting you think about some KIND ACTS today!

Ken Cowie

How about say hello to a homeless person?!

Or perhaps putting some money in an expired parking meter for someone?!

In fact, putting some sticky notes of kindness in front of the washroom urinals might be effective !

Greetings to our guests Lorraine and Sonia!

Ros Hansen, our Chairman, always on top of things brings on the theme,  informs/reminds YOU it is NATIONAL MAKE A FRIEND DAY! 

Ros Hansen

A day to focus on introducing YOURSELF to someone new, what does friendship mean to YOU?  She keeps going quickly suggesting friends are much cheaper than therapists, thanks Ros!

Ros takes the quick initiative to replace an absent Karen Van Delft to introduce our first speaker of the meeting, Sandra Bell with her speech titled FRIENDSHP! Aha! How appropriate for the theme and the audience, kudos Sandra 😉 Sort of like one of those low budget movies, one scene, mayor impact, Sandra demonstrates the power of one conversation between 2 friends, her friend! A simple yet funny conversation with her friend exploring the likes of a Toastmaster meeting, excellent accent displayed for her character friend!

Sandra Bell

Evaluation for Sandra’s Speech, hmmm…a bathroom break for me…my apologies! However Sandra, most definitely a simple yet creative powerful speech, not an easy task to carry on a conversation  between two people. You did this well using a spectacular accent for your friend. Eye contact with the audience will improve the impact of your message and delivery..perhaps a little more attention to the ending leaving the stage with a little more powee! Well spoken, interesting content of speech and entertaining! Thank you Sandra!

Friendship, theme related!

Rory Smith gracefully introduces Area Governor Ron Newell

Ron Newell steps up to the plate wearing a Hamilton Ti-cat scarf representing the history of the Cat Chat….Oscee….wishee…oshie waw….lets get in there and eat them raw! Close enough right Ron?! Right, thanks. Yes, raw is in the equation, Ron with his humble beginnings, a single mom and little money always wanted to play football, why not, if he was as big a kid as he is now, no pun, move over red rover! However this was not the case to start with when he got his big break from a helping hand. In fact, during his first appearance it didnt take long before a senior tore him into the ground, ROOKIE! Walking away with a taste of failure, Ron had little intentions of returning. Is this when fate knocks on the door? This sounds like the Rider of the White Horse (cant see our own gifts), “yes, but are bigger and stronger than the BRUISER that put you down, its what you think of yourself within that counts!” Well, thank you kind Sir, and with that advice Ron bundled up his FIGHTING IRISH SPIRIT and plummeted that big little BRUISER into the grass blades! Welcome to the team! Then comes the part of the story we love so much, the wisdom heart and the soul to give back later in years, and Ron did just that sharing his successful efforts to give the same opportunity to another child. That he did, assisting a young man in no position to financially to play, made it happen! Oscee….wishie…oshie…waw…!

Ron Newell

A minute of silence, Duncan Robinson takes the reins of the evaluator letting Ron know how exceptional he incorporates all of his body movements so well! What fine names and wording you have Mr. Ron…PIGSKIN PETE…MR. BOYSIE! Dunc’s suggests he would love to see Ron connect with the fear with more emotion, inspire us with the challenge to overcome that fear! Bring this impact of fear into a stronger emotional impact on WILL! Excellent message Ron!

Another theme related speech, make a friend, help a friend!

Our Chairman Ros tells us we have a full 5 minutes for break! Oh…and give it some thought…one loyal friend is worth 10,000 relatives! Wow, 10,000 gets the message across!

BREAK – Coffee Cake and Mingle! 

He’s back! Ken Cowie highly focused on the subject of kindness, repetition is good…offering new ideas even better!

How about listen more attentively to someone today, give them more of your time?!

Or perhaps hold the elevator door open, just a little bit longer for someone?!

In fact, put one of your personal items you do not need on Craigslist, for free!

Well, one has to be appreciative for the information received! Ros shares the value and power of being a part of the OLD FOGIES GROUP, ones you have grown to know well enough to not to feel stupid when YOU ARE! 😉 Ok, maybe not said exactly like that, pretty close!

Up quick and to the lectern is Billy the Kid! Not kidding, Bill Cannell with the charm, presence and accuracy of introducing one of our up and coming speakers, a realtor taking the day off,  Khanh Vo! Khanh with his speech about an adventure of a lifetime!

Have you ever been to the City that never sleeps? Khanh shares his memories and enough evidence in  vivid words, enthusiasm and heart felt passion a moment when his VAN (vehicle) when Choochoo Bang! Being a mechanic and knowing the reality of the circumstances is of no value other than  to detect the problem at hand. First and foremost, get to the airport! Limited to the seat availability Khanh observes the understanding and profound attitude of a comrade who volunteers to stay back, impressed with his willingness to let the man of honour and others to go first! Sharing the adventure and comparing the themes of the hotels and many self reflective thoughts Khanh put it back to the audience with a question, How many would love to go to Las Vegas?!

Khanh Vo

Mr. Jamie Macdonald gracefully strides in to evaluate quickly giving Khanh full marks for his story of adventure. Jamie describes how important it is to be engaged and fully present in our stories, smiling, feeling the emotions and being charged in the moments. Felt that Khanh did this well however will benefit even more as a powerful speaker to keep practicing his gestures and body movements to enhance his message. Having said this Jamie did still emphasize his appreciation for Khanh’s spontaneous, creative and generous delivery of sincere thoughts and compassion. Thank you Khanh for your enthusiasm and self reflection!

Reminds us in one scene of what a friend does for another!

Yours Truly is brought on by Ros’s introduction to introduce the next and final speaker of the meeting, Cheryl Crotty!

Our loyal and dedicated member of Pro Edge, Cheryl Crotty is progressively climbing the ranks as a professional speaker courageously taking on Project five of the CC Manual, Speaking with your body.

Well, just how confident are you anyway?! Cheryl uses her skills to quickly jump into a Grandfather and Grandson conversation about Confidence! Smiling is a good start Cheryl explains, being spontaneous, creative and generous with a great attitude are great ingredients. What a man thinks flows with his heart, so be conscious, spiritual and choose the right thoughts leading to less stress and more confidence! Love creates all, concentrate on today, tomorrow takes care of itself. Being the apple of God’s eye, stay bold yet humble, no worries because you are that great anyway! Summing it up Cheryl keeps it bold, simple and straight sharing with us a quote from her father, “When you can stand in front of a group/crowd of people and stay grounded, be yourself…feel comfortable, then you are confident!” Thanks Cheryl, we are all working on that!

Cheryl Crotty  

Angelika does a superb articulate job as usual to evaluate Cheryl’s speech. She begins by congratulating Cheryl for not using notes, that’s a big step, kudos! Angelika also noted how naturally Cheryl expressed her gestures with her body language suggesting to practice a little more on keeping it consistent and aligned throughout the entire speech. Another compliment and recognition for using great space of the floor space and how wonderful and confident Cheryl smiled! Keep shining!



First Annual Christmas Breakfast

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 ProEdge ToastCrumbs 3. December 2014


 District 21 Conferencefall conference 2014

November 7-8, 2014

Radisson Hotel, Richmond, BC

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AREA 61 FALL CONTEST 2014 winners

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ProEdge Open House FAll Oct 2014

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ProEdge ToastCrumbs 2. August 2014

ProEdge ToastCrumbs 1. July 2014
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ProEdge ToastCRUMBS July 2014

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Open House Poster - April, 2014

Professional Edge Open House 2013


Fall contest  September 11, 2013  


**************Area 61 Contest

Professional Edge Fall Newsletter 2013BEST  WISHES to ALAN WARBURTON, who is representing BC at the World Championships at the 2013 International Convention on August 21-24 at the Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.  Alan  presented both of the speeches he will be taking to the  Championships on Thursday August 15, 2013 – Kwantlen University – Newton Campus – FIR BUILDING Room 128,  12666 – 72 Avenue, Surrey


Many Professional Edge Toastmasters have started in White Rock Community Clubs.  Members of Early Edition and Evening Edition Toastmasters celebrated their 20th anniversary Saturday, June 1.

Toastmasters marks milestone

Members of Early and Evening Edition Toastmasters marked their 20th anniversary.

The milestone celebration was attended by more than 30 members, as well as the club’s district governor, Margaret Page, and the local division governor, John Beck, who opened up the celebration.

The event also included a wine auction, food, speeches from members, past and present and door prizes.

There are six Toastmasters clubs in the South Surrey/White Rock area.



Please join us for our Open House

on Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 7:00 a.m.

We’d love to show you what is unique and special about our club!


40% reduction in membership fees for guests who become members at the event!!

 Professional Edge Spring Open House 2013


Area 63 International Speech and Evaluation Contest will be held on Friday, March 22. We will provide two judges for this contest.


Please join us for our  Open House

on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at 7:00 a.m.

We’d love to show you what is unique and special about our club!


Open House Guests: draw for 6 month Membership

 Professional Edge Current Members: those that bring guests are entered into a SURPRISE DRAW



Leaders,  Step up!

Take your turn as lead dog


Area 63 International Speech and Evaluation Contest will be held on April 13th. We will need to provide two judges for this contest. program outside 2011 (to be updated)


District 21 Spring Conference, at Harrison


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